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Game Over is set in a  kingdom formed after many years of war. The protagonist lives a fairly peaceful and normal life, among friends and family, in a remote village bordering on a vast wasteland called the “Land of Death.” One day, all that is changed when a group of mysterious pilgrims arrive from the Land of Death, wearing strange clothing and speaking in a foreign tongue.

The Story:

Game Over is the story of Leon, a rebellious youth who seeks to find excitement in his dull life in a peaceful village. When the group of travelers arrive, grave misunderstanding causes the villagers and the pilgrims to fight to the death – ending with the protagonist getting killed while trying to protect his mother.

He wakes up to find that he is back to the day before the pilgrims arrive…

The World:

The world that Game Over is set in is very similar to that of our own universe, with all the laws of physics intact. The only difference is that in this world, there are two planes of existence: the material realm, where all matter exists, and the ethereal realm, where all energy resides. Some, particularly the mysterious pilgrims and their people, have discovered that they could harness the energy from the ethereal plane and make it manifest in the material plane. The people who use this energy, adequately called “magic”, do not necessarily understand all the laws of the universe.

Game Over is the working title for a mostly linear visual novel which will be coded using the Ren’Py engine. We are currently working towards the release of Chapter 1.


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